Walk Through Bethlehem



St. Anthony CES “Walk Through Bethlehem”

In celebration of Christmas, last month on December 6, St. Anthony Catholic Elementary School in Port Hope hosted “Walk Through Bethlehem”, an immersive opportunity for their entire student population (approximately 400 students) to collaborate and perform a unique narrative re-creating the birth of Jesus.

In “Walk Through Bethlehem”, guests were invited to “Bethlehem” to register for the census, and from there, to follow in the footsteps of Mary and Joseph as they tried to find accommodations for the evening. At each “inn”, guests were turned away and the nativity story was revealed through a series of songs and skits prepared by students.

Audience participation in these episodes led to the guests realizing that the hosts had to turn away the Holy Family, and that this experience was not easy. They encountered several obstacles, including beggars, merchants, cold temperatures and lack of sympathy. This culminated with the guests ending up at the same manger where Christ was born, where they joined angels in singing “Joy To The World” to announce the presence of the newborn King.

St. Anthony Catholic Elementary School welcomed over 600 parents, friends and family to experience “Walk Through Bethlehem”. The excellent attendance and support are the result of a truly collaborative effort of student leaders and staff, culminating in a successful showcase of Catholic Education in the Port Hope community.

CPCO thanks Steve O’Sullivan (Principal) and Shawna Clarke (Integrated Arts Teacher) from St. Anthony Catholic Elementary School for sharing their story, and for their commitment to Catholic Education.