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Creating the 2019 CPCO Calendar


Creating the 2019 CPCO Calendar

By Deirdre Kinsella Biss and Leslie Fountain

“In Renewing the Promise, our bishops remind us that “the work of Catholic schools involves initiating, facilitating and maintaining trusting relationships with and among Catholic educational partners. A sense of respect for the unique expertise and strengths of each, and generous cooperation that acknowledges and celebrates the accomplishments of all is essential to develop the mutual trust that nurtures effective working relationships”.
(RTP, p. 9)”

Creating the 2019 CPCO Calendar, Catholic Partnerships Together in Trust, was a unique process of collaboration that exemplified a true sharing of leadership. The calendar focuses on the importance of trust in our daily work and features the authentic thinking and voices of our Ontario Catholic partners. Artwork created by Catholic secondary students brings to life the ideas of our Catholic community. 

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