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3D Printing in an Elementary School Setting

3D Printing in an Elementary School Setting

 By Carl Bull, Vice-Principal, L.A. Desmarais

Imagine a geometry assignment that you literally have to pull students away from, one that targets multiple curriculum objectives as well as connects them to a myriad of well-paying career opportunities. I have been involved in one such activity, the increasingly ubiquitous technology of 3D printing. This process has been employed by a diverse array of North American companies utilizing it to produce houses, cakes, artificial limbs, car parts and a multitude of other objects.

Interestingly, this process is leading a resurgence of the manufacturing industry in North America, particularly for small businesses due to its affordability, reliance on creativity and scalability. This quality, and many others, makes it a perfect STEM-based activity to engage our pupils.
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Coding at your school

Kindergarten students at St. William School

Kindergarten students at St. William School, WECDSB, dive into their inaugural coding experience.

Coding with Kinderkids!

By Carl Bull, Principal, St. Williams School

Sandwiched among the many responsibilities of administrators is the hope that innovation can be fostered at your site. Technology innovation can be a challenging minefield with multiple platforms (Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc), a formidable number of applications and wildly varying staff skill levels. My goal with this blog is to foster a conversation and provide some starter points for those elementary administrators who hope to push their school along the continuum of enriched technology experiences for their students.

There has been a significant amount of discussion in regards to coding. Jurisdictions as diverse as Estonia, Great Britain and here in Canada, British Columbia, have mandated the inclusion of this process in their curriculums. Although it can be very challenging to discern between what is a fad and what is “mission critical” for our students, I believe coding represents the latter. I love how it mimics the logic of STEM subjects, especially math, but in a fun and cleverly “masked” fashion for our pupils.

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