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Technology-Enabled Learning & Leading Institute

The Technology-Enabled Learning & Leading Institute,
August 17-18, 2015

By Brian Coulson

An essential aspect of educational leadership today is being knowledgeable about how technology can engage learners and prepare them for success in an increasingly connected world. As lead learners in their school communities, Catholic principals and vice-principals need to develop an understanding of the key skills associated with effective 21st century education and know how to harness the capacity of technology to promote student learning and achievement.

Creating Opportunities for Learning & Leading

How can school leaders support deeper learning in a digital age and take on the challenges of 21st century teaching and learning? These were the key themes that were explored at the second Technology-Enabled Learning Institute (TETL) held on August 17th -18th in Toronto. Over 300 principals and vice-principals across the province attended the two-day learning event including 110 members from CPCO!  The institute provided opportunities for professional learning and dialogue about technology, leadership and innovation. It was a timely and engaging learning event for school leaders as they head back to their school communities to start another school year.

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