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Catholic education resources

catholic resources

Catholic education resources to bookmark

By Andie McHardy-Blaser

Due to demanding schedules, it’s challenging to find useful and reliable resources for Catholic educators’ needs.

When searching for new prayers, the latest updates from the Vatican, or general Catholic education news, to name a few, it’s helpful to find this information at the click of a button.

Here are 10 useful resources for Catholic educators:

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LinkedIn Tips


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Link up on LinkedIn

By Andie McHardy-Blaser

LinkedIn is one of the many tools that professionals from different sectors use to network.

As education leaders, it’s important to constantly expand our connections and LinkedIn is a useful tool for this purpose.

The following are 10 benefits of having a LinkedIn profile:

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Catholic Education Week 2016

Opening Doors of Mercy

By Andie McHardy-Blaser

Catholic Education Week

Catholic Education week runs from Sunday, May 1, to Friday, May 6, 2016.
The theme for this year is Opening Doors of Mercy.

A special message from CPCO Executive Director Paul Lacalamita:

“Catholic Education Week affords the Catholic School Principal/Vice-Principal a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the sacred privileges and responsibilities of leadership in a faith community.

“As leaders in Catholic education, humility, openness, compassion, trust in others and a deep sense of service and dedication are but a few of the personal qualities we are called to model. As the gospel of Luke says: ‘The greatest among you should be like the youngest and the one who rules, like the one who serves.’

“Our call as Catholic leaders compels us to spend our time ensuring that the community of learners and practitioners entrusted in our care is rooted in Jesus Christ.”

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