Student Summit Features Google Apps



Student Summit Features Google Apps

Students Become Teachers

The Superior North Catholic District School Board hosted the first ever Student Summit featuring Google October 16th at Holy Angels Catholic School in Schreiber. The Ed Tech Team from Google flew in from California and Calgary to teach 90 students (10 from each of the Board’s 9 schools) all about Google Drive, Chrome, Docs, Drawings, and Forms. The Ed Tech team is made up of people that come from all over the world and they present summits around the world!

What’s unique is that usually the Ed Tech Team works with teachers, but with the idea beginning with Katie Maenpaa, E-Learning Contact for SNCDSB, Superior North used 21st Century Grant money to host this amazing day for our students.

“We’re teaching students here how to use Google tools in the classroom … typically we come in and do summits for teachers but this is the first time we have been able to come in and have the students as our audience.”

… Michelle Armstrong – Ed Tech Team Leader

“Even the Pope is using Google Apps! Yesterday, POPE FRANCIS PARTICIPATED IN A GOOGLE HANGOUT with youth from various parts of the world! The question and answer video chat showcased how the participating youth use technology to help them be successful. The Hangout is part of a bigger project called Scholas Ocurrentes. Scholas was launched in 2013 and aims to improve education, especially in areas with little resources. The Pope had this message to share:

“Every one of us has a gift inside of us. If we keep it locked, it stays hidden. If we share it with others, our treasure multiplies through the gift of others.”

… February 6, 2015 Facebook Post at Superior North CDSB

As the SNCDSB is officially a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Board, this summit was used to empower students to learn how the apps could help deepen their learning. Students learned how to use the power of Google to collaborate, search for information and digitally produce posters, presentations and forms with style. The students were given the responsibility to spread the information at their home schools, so that other students and families were able to take advantage of their knowledge and leadership.

“All participating students returned from both events with enthusiasm and a willingness to share their learning with all of their peers, as well as their classroom teachers and parents. In fact, three of the students from St. Martin School recently spent the morning assisting and demonstrating their knowledge of Google Apps during a training session for the Board Administration staff. What a fabulous opportunity to empower students by allowing them to teach adult learners.”

… Kerry Desjardins, Principal, St. Martin School

“At SNCDSB, we believe in helping our students to become leaders, and use the technology to enhance their learning. It was an amazing day!”

… Katie Maenpaa, E-Learning Contact

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