Saint Nicholas’ Day


Do you celebrate Saint Nicholas’ Day?

By Ania Czupajlo



Saint Nicholas’ Day is an observance of European origin that is celebrated in some North American communities on Dec. 6, which falls early in the Advent season.


Saint Nicholas of Myra

This holiday originates from the legendary figure Nicholas of Myra, who was a bishop in 4th century Greece. During his lifetime, he developed a reputation for gift-giving by putting coins into other people’s shoes. Bishop Nicholas became known throughout the land for his generosity to those in need and especially his love for children.

Children in families who celebrate St. Nicholas’ Day leave their shoes outside the bedroom door or on the windowsill. If they were good during the year, on the morning of Dec. 6, they wake up to small gifts.

Some churches also celebrate this holiday by holding special services dedicated to the feast of St. Nicholas on this day.

For centuries, St. Nicholas has continued to be celebrated by Catholics. By his example of generosity to those in need, especially children, St. Nicholas continues to be a model for the compassionate life.

To learn more about Saint Nicholas and this observance, click here or watch the Saint Nicholas to Santa Claus video below.

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    I’m so glad to read an article about St. Nick. This holiday should be acknowledged more, here in North America…

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