Mental health series, part 5



CPCO Associates and their experience with Starling Minds

By Andrew Miki

Andrew Miki

In late 2015, CPCO and Starling Minds’ founder and CEO Dr. Andrew Miki launched an online mental health initiative supporting our Practising Associates. Starling is an online program available to all CPCO members. The program includes an example of an administrator named Virginia to help explain mental health concepts and how to increase resiliency to stress. To learn more about Starling Minds, please read our earlier blog posts.

The Starling program was developed by Dr. Andrew Miki. Andrew is a registered psychologist with over 10 years of experience working with patients to treat depression, anxiety and other mental health issues using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

This is the fifth of several posts Andrew is contributing to our blog.

It has already been one year since CPCO and Starling Minds began working together! I would like to thank the 100+ Practicing Associates who have become Starling members and CPCO for their progressive commitment to mental health. We believe that healthier and more resilient educators will lead to a better education for all.

Over the past year, your feedback has been invaluable. We have learned that Virginia’s stressors have resonated with CPCO Associates and helped many of them feel that they are not alone. Also, personal testimonials and data analyses have proven that the Starling program has improved the quality of many CPCO Associates’ lives. For example, Practicing Associates who have used Starling, have experienced statistically significant improvements in their anxiety and depression symptoms by 10-15%. Similar improvements were found in their everyday lives including work productivity, relationships and participation in hobbies.

Additional results have shown that, as depicted in the graph below, there is a significant decline in Practising Associates’ work productivity scores based on the time of year. We found that, throughout the school year, CPCO Associates went from rating themselves as “temporarily falling behind [their] workload” to feeling “[their] performance at work is suffering” due to increased levels of stress.


Although we predicted a decline in CPCO Associates’ mood and work productivity ratings as the school year progressed, we would like to gather more data to learn why this may be the case.

On Nov. 7, 2016, we will be sending out a survey to CPCO Associates to ask them only 4 questions that will help us better understand what their stressors are during this time of the school year. The survey only take 2-4 minutes and all feedback and results will be 100% confidential.

Stay tuned for the survey and don’t forget that you can experience Starling Minds any time, by logging in to the CPCO Associates website and navigating to Associate Resources > Starling Minds. The direct link to the page can be found here: