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Link up on LinkedIn

By Andie McHardy-Blaser

LinkedIn is one of the many tools that professionals from different sectors use to network.

As education leaders, it’s important to constantly expand our connections and LinkedIn is a useful tool for this purpose.

The following are 10 benefits of having a LinkedIn profile:

  1. Share your career credentials. Share your resume! You never know who is searching for someone with your experience and skillset.
  1. Check out your peers’ career credentials. See what others are saying about themselves and use this information to find out what makes you competitive in the job market.
  1. Stay in touch with former colleagues. If you lost touch with former colleagues and want to find them, LinkedIn makes it easy to find them by organization, school board, etc.
  1. Meet and chat with other education professionals. Use your existing connections to make new ones. Comment on other member updates and articles, start a conversation. You never know where it will lead.
  1. Share your presentations, infographics & documents. LinkedIn’s SlideShare offers you a free opportunity to have your work seen and shared by others. This visual aspect of LinkedIn is great for engaging in professional development and celebrating the work of your peers.
  1. Get the latest news related to your profession. You can often find the latest updates in the education world on LinkedIn, if you’re following top influencers in the field and related organizations.
  1. Post job ads. LinkedIn is a fabulous platform for sharing job postings, so take advantage of this. This platform allows others to share your job postings with their networks, for more exposure.
  1. Publish your own articles. If you want to share your thoughts on a subject related to your profession, but you don’t have the time to create a blog, you can publish single articles through your LinkedIn profile.
  1. Create specific groups for communicating about specific topics. You can create professional groups and make them public or private. This is a great way to have discussions and plan events without having to meet in-person too often.
  1. Get involved in non-profit work/volunteer roles. You can share on your profile that you are interested in volunteering with non-profits, which could lead to more connections and more experience for your resume.

To learn more about LinkedIn and to set up an account, click here.

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