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New IEL resources for Principals & Vice-Principals are now available

By Hannah Yakobi

Photography by / courtesy of IEL

The school year has begun and is now in full swing!

This year, the Ontario Institute for Education Leadership (IEL) is pleased to provide a variety of incredible resources for Principals and Vice-Principals.

As you know, IEL is a bilingual organization that includes representatives from Principals’ and Supervisory Officers’ associations, Ontario Association of Senior Business Officials (OASBO), Council of Directors of Education and the Ministry of Education. With this in mind, IEL’s direction this year focuses on influencing and supporting provincial program and policy development and implementation of the Ontario Leadership Strategy (OLS) and the Ontario Leadership Framework (OLF) through a collaborative network of Ministry and professional associations of school and system leaders in the interests of student achievement and well-being.

The refreshed IEL website presents research publications and resources that districts are invited to download to support professional learning at the school and system levels. In particular, IEL’s website offers organizations user-friendly tools to conduct their own professional inquiries.

These include:

In addition, we encourage you to visit IEL’s website for other publications and research studies, including Ideas Into Action, Principals Want to Know, In Conversation, Leadership for Learning, Leader as Coach, Transition to the Role of Principal and Vice-principal and French-language Education in Ontario.


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  1. Blaine MacDougall

    Great video from the Superintendent in Ottawa who was describing their Leadership programs. Some good ideas. So important to get the succession plan in place.
    B. MacDougall

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