Helpful apps for students and educators



Educational apps for students and educators

By Stephanie Zakhem

With the increasing number of smartphones and tablets in the classroom, we recently researched the best applications currently available on the market.

These range from creating lesson plans to assisting students with their math homework. You can find the top five apps for both students and educators listed below.


  • Photomath: an application that assists students in solving and explaining mathematical equations. iTunes | Google Play
  • My Study Life: an application that helps students stay on top of their schedule and conflicting deadlines. iTunes | Google Play
  • EasyBib: an application that functions as a basic citation generator; students can automatically create and export citations. iTunes | Google Play
  • Gradeproof: an application that offers ways to improve your style of writing, check for originality and identify grammatical issues. iTunes
  • OneNote: an application that lets you take notes, record a lecture and snap photos while “handwriting” your notes with a stylus (syncs with OneDrive and Office 365). iTunes | Google Play


  • Kahoot: an application that turns a boring lesson into a game to motivate students. iTunes | Google Play
  • SeeSaw: an application that teachers can use to keep parents in the loop on the progress of their children. iTunes | Google Play
  • Teach Learn Lead: an application that allows teachers to connect with other teachers who teach the same subject and grade, and share relevant experiences with one another. iTunes | Google Play
  • Additio: an application that presents teachers with a way of keeping attendance, grades and class notes. iTunes | Google Play
  • Blackboard Mobile Learn: an application that allows you to send push notifications to students regarding course/class activity, as well as start discussion boards amongst your students, post blogs/grades and announcements. iTunes | Google Play