CPCO HR Boot Camp 2017


CPCO HR Boot Camp 2017: a participant’s note

By Elizabeth Carreiro

Photography by Luciana Cardarelli

CPCO recently held its first HR Boot Camp that ran from July 10 to July 13, 2017. During the event, we asked participants about their thoughts on the Boot Camp, and Elizabeth Carreiro, Principal of St. Hubert Catholic School (Nipissing-Parry Sounds Catholic District School Board), had very kindly shared her feedback with us!

The four-day session was an opportunity for school Principals to listen to a wealth of knowledge on important issues that are fundamental to the role. Thank you, Ron McNamara, Wendy Lopez, Michael Pautler, Iliana Castillo and Jeff Baechler for sharing your knowledge and for navigating us through these issues via a collaborative forum.

At the end of this boot camp, I am reminded of two things:

  1. As a school leader / Principal my role is to manage my school and to ensure student achievement. I have to maintain a physically safe learning environment.
  2. As a Catholic leader / Principal, I am called to build a living testimony of the Gospels in which I serve with a just and equitable heart. My school needs to be an emotionally safe place in which students are shown compassion as they grow as people.

Thank you, Iliana, for being our shepherd during the last four days.

The spirit at this boot camp was uplifting! Let us move forward in the name of Jesus to spread the spirit out into the worlds we work and live in.



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  1. Blaine MacDougall

    Great comment Elizabeth & am glad that you enjoyed the experience. I totally agree with your thoughts about our role. Coming from a Board that went through a very long work to rule & a lockout last year, I would add that as Principals/leaders, we also need to be thoughtful of our staff & families in our community.
    Have a great summer.
    Blaine MacDougall

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