CPCO Conference 2017



CPCO Conference 2017 highlights

By Jacob Chouinard

Photography by Eric Choi (Edge Imaging), Hannah Yakobi (CPCO) and Jacob Chouinard (CPCO)

Our 2017 Conference at the Delta Hotel was a great success. From insightful presentations to informative breakout sessions and participation in social media contests — it was a busy and engaging day.

Thank you to everyone who helped plan the event and to those who participated.

We also thank our sponsors and vendors, who supported the event and set up creative and informative booths for everyone to enjoy.

To view the full gallery of photos from the conference, please visit our Facebook page.


4 comments on “CPCO Conference 2017”

  1. Blaine MacDougall

    A wonderful Conference. The guest speakers were fantastic & very engaging. Thanks goes out to Steve O’Sullivan & his team for all their efforts!
    B. MacDougall

    • CPCO

      Thank you Blaine for your comment. We’re glad you enjoyed the speakers. The conference was a great success!

  2. Michelle Nepp-Wirag

    I cannot remember the last time that I was fortunate enough to hear so many great speakers all in one day. This was a great conference. Well done Steve and team.
    Michelle Nepp-Wirag

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