Catholic resources


Helpful Catholic resources to help you plan for next year

By Stephanie Zakhem

As the end of 2016 draws near for Principals, Vice-Principals, educators and staff alike, many are trying to plan for the year ahead. With this in mind, CPCO compiled a resource list of helpful Catholic websites that can assist in your preparation for 2017.

All of the below websites contain useful resources, links and other great materials:

  1. Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
  2. Catholic Association of Religious and Family Life Educators of Ontario
  3. Alliance for Catholic Education
  4. Catholic Grandparents Association
  5. National Association of Vocation & Formation Directors
  6. Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario
  7. Ontario Catholic Supervisory Officers’ Association
  8. The Vatican

And if you have a Twitter account, we strongly encourage you to follow Pope Francis. You can find his accounts in English, French and Spanish at @Pontifex, @Pontifex_fr and @Pontifex_es.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!