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Back-to-School Infographics

Back-to-School Infographics

Looking for a list of ways to mentally and physically prepare for the school year? Or a 2018-2019 back-to-school checklist? Ever wondered what’s REALLY in elementary school students’ backpacks? Check out the latest CPCO infographics below!

Extra credit for you word problem aficionados:
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many words is a picture with words in it worth?


Back to school infographics

back to school
Six infographics for the upcoming school year

By Jacob Chouinard

The first day of school is rapidly approaching. To get prepared for this school year, mental preparation and setting goals are key.

The following infographics illustrate many strategies that we hope you will find both helpful and inspiring in any activity that takes place in your school, be it teaching, learning or leading!

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5 Infographics on Leadership

5 great infographics on leadership

By Jacob Chouinard

Leadership is a quality many people want to possess or strengthen.

The following infographics examine aspects of leadership and define what truly makes a great leader.

For more infographics focused on learning and leadership, follow @CPCOTweet on Twitter. CPCO tweets out a variety of information surrounding learning, education and leadership on a daily basis.

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