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Creating the 2019 CPCO Calendar


Creating the 2019 CPCO Calendar

By Deirdre Kinsella Biss and Leslie Fountain

“In Renewing the Promise, our bishops remind us that “the work of Catholic schools involves initiating, facilitating and maintaining trusting relationships with and among Catholic educational partners. A sense of respect for the unique expertise and strengths of each, and generous cooperation that acknowledges and celebrates the accomplishments of all is essential to develop the mutual trust that nurtures effective working relationships”.
(RTP, p. 9)”

Creating the 2019 CPCO Calendar, Catholic Partnerships Together in Trust, was a unique process of collaboration that exemplified a true sharing of leadership. The calendar focuses on the importance of trust in our daily work and features the authentic thinking and voices of our Ontario Catholic partners. Artwork created by Catholic secondary students brings to life the ideas of our Catholic community. 

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Lumina Spark


Lumina Spark is here!

By Stephanie Zakhem

CPCO is thrilled to announce that Lumina Spark has officially launched on the CPCO website!

Lumina Spark is the only tool of its kind that is aligned with the Ontario Catholic Leadership Framework and can effectively guide leadership development for aspiring, newly appointed and experienced leaders.

The Lumina Spark Portrait is a personalized psychometric assessment, which helps individuals explore their own personality, increase self-awareness and adapt behaviours to improve relationships and team work.

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Tip of the Week


legalWeekly legal advice for CPCO Practising Associates

By Joe Geiser

Each week, our Protective Services Coordinator, Joe Geiser, shares a timely legal tip on CPCO’s website. These tips can be found under the Protective Services dropdown on the Associates tab of the website. We encourage all Practising Associates to log on each week to view these, as they are a valuable resource.

For a preview of our Tip of the week series, Joe shares a snapshot of his most recent one below.


Starling Minds


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Make mental health a priority in 2016

By Andie McHardy-Blaser

Mental health issues affect all Canadians at some point, whether directly or through a family member, friend or colleague. According to the Canadian Institute for Health Research, 1 in 5 Canadians will experience a form of mental illness at some point in their life time.

A recent article in The Globe and Mail discusses advantages of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) online programs, including anonymity and convenience. The article also quotes David Gratzer, a psychiatrist at the Scarborough Hospital in Ontario, who says that if done well, the Internet-based model “can actually rival in-person CBT.”

CPCO has teamed up with Starling Minds’ founder and CEO Dr. Andrew Miki, and launched an online mental health initiative to support our Practising Associates.