AMR – February 2016



Highlights from CPCO’s February 2016 AMR

By Andie McHardy-Blaser

Photography by Bahar Pourpezeshk (Edge Imaging)

CPCO recently held its last Assembly of Member Representatives (AMR) meeting before the conference & AGM in April.

The agenda was packed with insightful and informative presentations from the CPCO team along with engaging group activities and brainstorming, making for a productive and enjoyable meeting for all who attended.

The two-day gathering featured details regarding our upcoming conference & AGM, negotiations updates and professional networking opportunities.


Before the meeting began, we also conducted a focus group, centering on our communications services. Once the results are summarized, they will be used to further enhance our communications strategies moving forward.


We would like to thank our photographer from Edge Imaging, Bahar Pourpezeshk, for capturing our AMRs in action.

To view the full gallery of photos from the AMR and the focus group, click here.

CPCO Associates can view the full agenda from our most recent meeting, along with notes and presentation slides, when they log in to our website.

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3 comments on “AMR – February 2016”

  1. Pam Garbutt

    Great blog Andie! Photos are a great touch! They really capture the spirit of the meeting … Greater connectivity and Member / AMR voice!
    Pam Garbutt

    • CPCO

      Thanks for the kind words, Pam. Credit goes to Ania for beautifully displaying the photos from Bahar at Edge Imaging. It’s always fun seeing the results of a collaborative effort!

  2. Pam Garbutt

    Great blog Andie! You capture the collaborative spirit and AMR voice that makes CPCO such a great association!
    Pam Garbutt

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