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It takes a village


It takes a village

by Lorna McGillis

Please note: the original copy of this article has appeared in CPCO’s Principal Connections Fall 2016 issue.

Hurriedly, they passed through the main entrance and were ushered to an attentive staff member who took their vitals and then ushered them to a seat where they would wait to be called. Specialists, tests, investigative procedures, probes into family history, conferencing, sharing of data and diagnoses, all soon resulted in the development of a comprehensive plan created by a multi-disciplinary team of professionals. Was this triage and treatment at a hospital emergency department? No, it was the Case Conference of a high-needs student at one of our Catholic elementary schools.

In his strategies for constructive collaboration, Andy Hargreaves speaks of learning teams ensuring that they commit to doing somethings early together rather than just talking about things.

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