Tech Talk: Modern Eco-Citizens


Modern Eco-Citizens: Using apps for environmental education


By Ania Czupajlo
Art Director, Principal Connections

Although Earth Day only appears once on the calendar, discussions and projects on environmental stewardship should be continued throughout the year and included in all subjects. Apps are a great way to get students interested in wildlife, water conservation, composting, clean eating, climate change, recycling and the overall world around them. They can help teach our students how to become exemplary eco-citizens. Here are some of the apps that will help guide your students in their role of becoming environmental stewards.

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Tech Talk: Collaboration Tools


Collaboration Tools for Digital Classrooms




By Ania Czupajlo

TECHNOLOGY IS EVERYWHERE AND THAT INCLUDES EDUCATION. Today’s schools are implementing technology as it enables them to collaborate and communicate more effectively with their students, teachers, parents and community.

Digital classrooms can help keep students more engaged and focused while working on projects. As an educator, there are many tools that will help make your classrooms more fun and interactive, and where your students can learn and shine together.

Here are six collaboration tools that can help you create your digital classrooms.

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Virtual Reality


Technology that defies reality: learning in the future




By Ania Czupajlo

Can you imagine your students learning about the galaxy while travelling through space? Discovering the deepest secrets of the oceans without scuba gear? Roaming the ruins of ancient Rome or watching dinosaurs in their native habitats? All this from the comfort of their classroom!

Yes, this can happen. All thanks to the new technologies that offer next generation virtual reality (VR).

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Saint Nicholas’ Day

Do you celebrate Saint Nicholas’ Day?

By Ania Czupajlo



Saint Nicholas’ Day is an observance of European origin that is celebrated in some North American communities on Dec. 6, which falls early in the Advent season.

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