Helpful apps for students and educators


Educational apps for students and educators

By Stephanie Zakhem

With the increasing number of smartphones and tablets in the classroom, we recently researched the best applications currently available on the market.

These range from creating lesson plans to assisting students with their math homework. You can find the top five apps for both students and educators listed below.

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Developing Humanity – Fulfillment of a Vocation

Developing Humanity

Developing Humanity – Fulfillment of a Vocation



By Joe Geiser
Protective Services Coordinator, CPCO

“Although I achieved my high school diploma from a Catholic school I have never felt truly fulfilled in the 15 years since then.” “Why don’t students in our Catholic elementary schools know the bible stories anymore?” “Can we say a prayer of thanks before we eat?”

These statements and questions were made by former students as we caught up with each other over a meal. As I reflect on them, I am struck by the significant role and tremendous opportunity that Catholic administrators have on a daily basis.

Our work as Catholic principals and vice-principals calls us to recognize the talents, the challenges and the potential in all of God’s creation. As such we are given the responsibility to develop the humanity, the ‘humanness’ of all within our communities – students, faculty, support staff, families and occasionally even our parish teams. St. Teresa’s words remind us that the vocation we have and the work that we do ‘ … is between you and God.’ And that we are called to ‘… Do good anyway.’

The good you do today, will often be forgotten.
Do good anyway.
Give the best you have, and it will never be enough.
Give your best anyway.
In the final analysis, it is between you and God.
It was never between you and them anyway.
St. Teresa of Calcutta

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Catholic resources

Helpful Catholic resources to help you plan for next year

By Stephanie Zakhem

As the end of 2016 draws near for Principals, Vice-Principals, educators and staff alike, many are trying to plan for the year ahead. With this in mind, CPCO compiled a resource list of helpful Catholic websites that can assist in your preparation for 2017.

All of the below websites contain useful resources, links and other great materials:

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As We Learn, They Learn


As We Learn, They Learn

Deirdre Kinsella Biss


By Deirdre Kinsella Biss
Editor, Principal Connections

With the upcoming release of the latest issue of Principal Connections magazine, Editor Deirdre Kinsella Biss provides a sneak preview of what you can expect.  

Welcome to the winter publication of Principal Connections. In this issue, we shine a spotlight on the important role that Catholic principals and vice-principals have in helping students develop and contribute to humanity.

Traditionally, global human development has been measured by literacy development, poverty rates and financial sustainability. But human development goes well beyond academic achievements, health and income. Our students need to develop the necessary values, skills and attitudes for dialogue, collaboration and cooperation in order to live peacefully and lovingly within a community. At the heart of it, students must learn to exercise acceptance of one another. In its most profound sense, then, human development is at the core of Catholic education.

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AMR November 2016

amr logo

Highlights from CPCO’s November 2016 AMR

By Stephanie Zakhem

CPCO recently held its latest Assembly of Member Representatives Meeting on November 18 – 19, 2016. For two days, 75 AMRs from across the province gathered to be part of this insightful event.

The AMR kicked off with The Most Reverend William McGrattan, Bishop of Peterborough, CPCO-ACBO liaison, leading those gathered with prayer and blessings. We were also honoured to be joined by Deputy Minister of Education, Mr. Bruce Rodrigues, for a special presentation. In addition, Eric Roher, partner at Borden Ladner Gervais, spoke about Safe Schools at the event.

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