Christmas 2015


Christmas in the Catholic school community

By Andie McHardy-Blaser

This blessed time of the year brings many events and happenings in the Catholic school community. We wanted to celebrate the season by sharing stories from our Principals and their schools, whose Christmas spirits shine so brightly.

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St. Jean de Brebeuf C.H.S

All in a day at St. Jean de Brebeuf C.H.S

Principal Rocchina Antunes from St. Jean de Brebeuf C.H.S. (YCDSB) sent us this wonderful promotional video that we just had to share!

We love to see Catholic school communities coming together and creating beautiful projects such as this.

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Bring the World to the School

St Mary School

Bulletin board at the main office helps keep students focused on global citizenship and responsibility.

If a School is Isolated from the World,
then Bring the World to the School

Despite being a small rural school in a somewhat isolated, Northern Ontario community approximately one hour west of Sudbury, St. Mary Catholic School in Massey strives to stay connected to the world. Dedicated efforts, the use of available technology and strategic planning of the staff and its School Council have made the world a smaller place to navigate, with emphasis on graduating global-minded citizens responsible for the care of this earth given to us by our creator.

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Student Summit Features Google Apps


Student Summit Features Google Apps

Students Become Teachers

The Superior North Catholic District School Board hosted the first ever Student Summit featuring Google October 16th at Holy Angels Catholic School in Schreiber. The Ed Tech Team from Google flew in from California and Calgary to teach 90 students (10 from each of the Board’s 9 schools) all about Google Drive, Chrome, Docs, Drawings, and Forms. The Ed Tech team is made up of people that come from all over the world and they present summits around the world!

What’s unique is that usually the Ed Tech Team works with teachers, but with the idea beginning with Katie Maenpaa, E-Learning Contact for SNCDSB, Superior North used 21st Century Grant money to host this amazing day for our students.

“We’re teaching students here how to use Google tools in the classroom … typically we come in and do summits for teachers but this is the first time we have been able to come in and have the students as our audience.”

… Michelle Armstrong – Ed Tech Team Leader

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